• Ricky: I got that homeless woman on video.
  • Jane: Why would you do that?
  • Ricky: Because it was amazing.
  • Jane: What was amazing about it?
  • Ricky: When you see something like that, it's like God is looking right at you, just for a second. And if you're careful, you can look right back.

I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah


 I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour but heaven knows I’m miserable now 

Locke: Have you got something to say?

Careful. You don’t want to say the wrong thing. You’re nothing without your daddy and your daddy ain’t here. Never forget that. Here, this should help you remember!


"Try not to confuse a growing sense of responsibility with a growing sense of guilt. The associations you are making with other people right now are a sign of your growth. You are more connected with a few people and it is effecting your sense of duty - these people rely on you, and this may be a new feeling. Give yourself a chance to get used to it. But if you keep following your own goals and making decisions based on your own priorities, there is nothing wrong with that."

I fall in love with myself and then i want someone to share Me, with me.